Wine-stained carpet cleaning in Battersea, London SW11

Wine-stained carpet cleaning in Battersea, London SW11

Customer Case:

Wine-stained carpet cleaning in Battersea, South-west London, SW11

The Challenge:

There is a fear of wine stains because, just how the taste of wine lingers on the tongue and the effects of wine lingers on the body, the stains from wine tends to linger on a textile that it touches.

Most persons will attempt and fail to clean wine stains from textile – mostly clothing and carpets.  Depending, especially, on the colour of the textile, the type of material and the possibility of spoiling that material and its colour with over scrubbing.

The stubborn nature of wine stains usually leaves persons at their wit’s end trying to remove it, only to be left with a merely faded spot after much effort in trying to clean it. This is a job best left to carpet cleaning experts like us at Home Maid Clean.

wine-stained carpet cleaning

The Solution:

Our carpet cleaning technicians arrived at our customer’s dwelling in Battersea in their first available slot. They were aware that the longer a stain remained, the harder it was to get out completely. Following Home Maid Clean’s strict 9-step carpet cleaning process, they first examined the stain in the carpet for the extent to which it had gone into the carpet fabrics. Then they assessed the nature of the carpet fabrics and identified the right carpet cleaning detergents that would efficiently get out the carpet stain.

The wine stain was then pre-treated, to ensure the best cleaning result. Next on, our carpet cleaners proceeded with steam cleaning the carpet the Home Maid Clean signature way.

It is our cleaning duty to ensure that our customer is satisfied at the end of a cleaning job, and so all precautions were taken to ensure deep and effective carpet cleaning, with no damage to the customer’s property.

The Result:

wine-stained carpet cleaning

The wine stain was completely cleaned out from the carpet! Not even a trace of it remained after the cleaning job was done. Any bad odours that had started getting out following the capture of liquid into the carpet fabrics were now gone. The carpet itself was smelling and looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

Needless to say, our customer was very satisfied with the result of the carpet cleaning.

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