White sofa leather cleaning in Bayswater, Central London, W2

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Bayswater, Central London, W2

The challenge

Cleaning your accent piece upholstered furniture by yourself may cause a lot of damage – rips, tears, material damage, as well as colour damage. The risk becomes even higher when delicate white leather needs to be cleaned.

One of our valued customers who lives in cosmopolitan Bayswater, Central London decided not to take the risk. He booked Home Maid Clean leather sofa cleaning services to return the glamour of their white sofa.

leather cleaning

The Solution

Considering the delicate leather material to be cleaned, our Prochem certified technician carried out a careful pre-inspection of the sofa. As a result, a selection of efficient cleaning products was made.

The sofa was then vacuumed to remove dust before the thorough cleaning,

Hard stains were then pre-sprayed and given spot treatment so that we would not have to resort to heavy scrubbing. The latter might have caused damage to the colour, scoffing or other damage to the material while removing the stain. There was no chance of ripping or tearing from our cleaning process because only gentle agitation was used where any scrubbing was necessary.  


leather cleaning


After the sofa tried, we had a refreshingly clean white sofa looking as good as new! Thoroughly cleaned, stain and dust-free. There were no chances of residual negative reactions to products because the cleaning products we used were environmentally friendly, biodegradable ones.

The outcome? The customer was again happy to relax in their favourite, sparkling white family seat!

If your need leather cleaning, for your sofa, chairs or other furniture – call Home Maid Clean. Our leather sofa cleaning team will revive the colour of your lovely piece of furniture.

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