Weekly domestic cleaning service in Holborn

Weekly domestic cleaning service in Holborn

Customer Location:

Holborn, Central London WC1

The Challenge:

Trying not to over-clean may be perceived as a strategy for preservation in some sense. One gets the idea that if you don’t rub and scrub too often you might be preserving aspects of your domestic property for longevity.

But, nature will prove this perception wrong in short order!  Dust, debris and inevitable moisture will soon start getting into the way of keeping your home a comfortable and healthy habitat.

Cobwebs and limescale are two such culprits that completely take over an environment when given enough leverage to do so. Our customer in Holborn had this very problem – a flat that had not been cleaned for a while and was overtaken by limescale!

weekly domestic cleaning London

weekly domestic cleaning London

The Solution:

Our cleaning technicians carefully assessed the flat for the extent of the clean. Sure enough, one domestic cleaning session would not have been sufficient.

The maid from Home Maid Clean made good at removing limescale from the toilet and taps upon the first visit, using detergents that were friendly enough to not cause any harm, but effective at removing the most seemingly stubborn stains.

The Result:

weekly domestic cleaning London

weekly domestic cleaning London

Much to the awe of the customer who could not believe the quality of the results that were achieved, the toilets and taps were nicely cleaned and rid of the limescale that had built up over the time when the flat was not being cleaned.

Such were the results from our domestic cleaning service that our customer now books Home Maid Clean for 5 hours on a weekly basis, to clean and iron. That is the kind of result that we give! Read more domestic cleaning customer success stories »

Check out our domestic cleaning service and call us to book a cleaning slot for your home. We clean everywhere in London within the M25 and short notice cleaning is available at no extra cost. Check out our monthly Special Offers too.

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