Water leak carpet cleaning in Centre Point house, Totenham Court Road, WC2H

Water leak carpet cleaning in Centre Point house, Totenham Court Road, WC2H

Customer Location:

Centre Point House, Totenham Court Road London WC2H

The Challenge:

The front of a building is where one wants to be clean, even if nowhere else in the building is just as clean. Because, this is what greets your guests. First impressions last – even in the case of clean versus dirty carpets at the front of a building, the adage stays true!

A customer who recently requested our carpet cleaning services had a dire situation on hand – or on the carpet at the front of the building: a serious water leak had caused a complete mess on the carpet! To prevent dirty water marks being brought by feet onto the rest of the carpet or causing guests to be greeted by a dirt and water-stained, slushy entrance, an urgent and efficient carpet cleaning had to be done. In addition, water getting deep into the carpet and staying there for a long time inevitably causes damage to the carpet material and unpleasant odours that require much of an effort to get cleaned!

water leak carpet cleaning

The Solution:

Getting rid of the water on the carpet as fast as possible was the first and most urgent task from this carpet cleaning job. Goodly, Home Maid Clean offers emergency services to our customers who need an urgent domestic cleaning job done, and at no extra cost.

We understand the urgent need to clean water from carpets so we offer this service to customers who do not want to risk compromising their carpet from water getting soaked through it.  This case was no different, and we delivered uncompromisingly! Our carpet cleaning team was sent to the customer’s location in the first available slot and the carpet cleaning had been fully completed within the next few hours.

The Result:

water leak carpet cleaning

With our state of the art carpet cleaning equipment we were able to extract any single drop of water that had gotten onto the carpet. Home Maid Clean’s carpet cleaners also cleaned any water marks and dirt stains that occurred as a result of the leak, leaving the carpet looking clean and welcoming, as it should be at the front of the building! Any odours that had started getting out as a result of the soaking had been eliminated and the the entry area, once again, smelled of nothing but freshness!

Check out our carpet cleaning service and call us to book a clean for you! Take a look at our Special Cleaning Offers too – a discount might be waiting for you.

We clean carpets – both domestic and office carpets – everywhere in London and short notice cleaning, as well as emergency cleaning, comes at no extra cost.

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