Upholstery steam cleaning in Canada Water, South East London, SE16

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Canada Water, South East London, SE16

The Challenge

Upholstery steam cleaning is one of the most challenging types of cleaning. The colours of the fabric and its specifics, the stuffing on the inside, the wooden parts in the furniture – all these need to be taken care of so no damage to the piece of furniture would occur following the powerful steam cleaning. 

One of our recent customer cases was the cleaning of a stained armchair and foot stool in Canada Water. The upholstery was light-coloured and at the same time pretty much stained. Returning it to its original clean state required the best of expertise and cleaning equipment.


upholstery steam cleaning


The Solution

As usual, our technician started the cleaning with pre-inspection to determine the specific stain types and special stain treatment necessary, where appropriate.

Thanks to this methodical approach, our upholstery cleaning technician revealed, in addition to other stains, some baby spit-up stains on the armchair. Our trained professional technicians know that all stains are not equal, and so the necessary attention was given for the baby spit-up stain treatment and removal – applying the relevant cleaning products, spot treating and gentle agitation suited to the type of material that the armchair was made from.

The furniture would have been moved, where necessary, to facilitate thorough cleaning for the complete removal of dust and allergens, mites and even pollens that act as irritants and trigger for allergies that hide themselves in the furniture.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, we applied powerful steam cleaning with professional Prochem steam cleaning equipment, giving adequate care to delicate areas, but paying attention to the smallest of details, making sure that all soiling and bacteria and anything lodged in the fabric was removed.


upholstery steam cleaning

In the end we left a happy and satisfied customer with a clean and regenerated armchair and foot stool, free of baby spit-up stains and other stains, dirt, dust mites and allergens; cleaned with eco-friendly products, free of harmful chemicals. Deep steam cleaning of armchairs requires 2 to 4 hours drying time (even less when it’s sunny outside), but after the short drying period – your piece of furniture is just like new!

If your upholstered furniture needs a deep cleanup – let Home Maid Clean upholstery steam cleaning team help! Get in touch with us.

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