Food and beverage stain removal on dining chairs in North West London, NW6

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West Hampstead, North West London, NW6

The Challenge

Dirty furniture can make a house look truly unkept. But messy furniture is a part of the beauty of having children. Soiled and stained upholstery is just a part of the bargain! :)

This is why our customer in West Hampstead booked our upholstery stain removal cleaning service, specifically for dining chairs steam cleaning, to undo what their precious little ones had done to the furniture with food and beverage spillage.

Our professional stain cleaning team had to steam clean the chairs and make them again a hygienic place for young children.

stain removal before carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning London

The Solution

Home Maid Clean steam cleaned the chairs using powerful steaming equipment and safe eco detergents that are environmental and family friendly, but very effective in stain removal of dirt and stains of any kind.

We use a special upholstery cleaning and dining chair steam cleaning process ensuring that food particles, stains from beverage spillage and all other soils get removed.


stain removal before after carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning London

This family’s rented premises were left with steam cleaned dining chairs that looked like new!  Our very powerful upholstery steam cleaning process and top notch Prochem steam cleaning equipment completely removed all collected dust, dirt, stains and allergy provoking particles that tend to lodge themselves in the upholstery, causing health challenges to the family.

The family not only got stain-free dining chairs, they also could enjoy the freshness and vibrancy in the colour that a proper steam cleaning, high quality detergents and professional cleaning techniques give to upholstery.

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