Upholstery Cleaning – Easy and Cheap

‘Easy and cheap? Really?’’, you would ask. Even though those two sound like mutually exclusive ideas, upholstery cleaning may turn out to be really easy and -more than that – inexpensive.
It is all about some little tricks you need to do. Nothing complicated – just a few simple steps.

Upholstery cleaning Step # 1

Vacuum cleaning schedule

Chairs, couches and all soft furniture are to be cleaned regularly to look nice and to keep all bad bacteria away. Upholstery collects too much dust and dirt.
Vacuum regularly is the best advice. Just like you pay special attention to vacuuming the carpet you have to do so to your soft furniture too. Use the upholstery attachment to go through all corners and hard to reach places in order to do your most effective upholstery cleaning. It is enough to do it once a month to keep your furniture clean and disinfected.

Upholstery cleaning Step # 2

Upholstery Cleaning from Home Maid Clean

Upholstery Cleaning from Home Maid Clean

This is one of the most important steps in upholstery cleaning. It may be not as regular as vacuum cleaning, but still it has to be often. Every two months is good enough. The easiest way to sanitize fabric and upholstery is to use a disinfectant cleaner. You may find them in almost every supermarket. Or you may prepare a mixture of natural disinfectant detergent at home. The key ingredients are equal parts baking soda and cornstarch plus some drops of tea tree oil. Sprinkle this mixture over the upholstery surface and let it sit for at least 2 or 3 hours. Then vacuum the surface again. Baking soda and cornstarch absorb all the dirt and dust and the tea tree oil sanitizes.

Upholstery cleaning Step # 3

Steam power against spots

Old spots or stains are the ugliest to see on upholstery. How do we deal with them? First, make sure to check the furniture codes and instruction. If warm water is allowed, use a white cloth soaked in a solution of 1 cup of warm water and a teaspoon of mild soap and put some on the spot so that it can absorb a little amount of the mixture. Don’t rub, just blot it off or brush gently. Let it dry and vacuum. Make sure a window is opened or a fan is working to get the wet spot dry off quickly. Otherwise it may become a larger watermark on your upholstery.

Upholstery cleaning Step # 4

Cover soft furniture

Upholstery cleaning also includes prevention. Soft furniture that is most likely to get easily dirty needs protection. Cover your couches and armchairs with some cotton or linen coverlet, especially in summer time when those are exposed to lotions, hair and body oils, dust.



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