Traffic stains cleaning in Aldgate East, London E1

Customer Location:

Aldgate East, London, E1

The Challenge:

A successful trader’s business means lots of everyday traffic in the commercial premises – from customers, staff, partners, etc.  And this is all great, until the traffic starts becoming very visible.. on the carpet!

Heavy traffic stains on the carpet take away from the comfort and appeal of the commercial premise, but most people don’t have the skills and knowledge to accomplish such a cleaning task.  And when you are a busy trader, you simply just won’t even be able to find the time for such cleaning projects.

Avoiding traffic stains on your carpet is almost impossible, but getting rid of these stains does not have to be an impossible task.  Not if you entrust the traffic stains cleaning to us at Home Maid Clean, just like our busy customer in Aldgate East did.

traffic stains cleaning before

The Solution:

Our highly skilled and professional commercial cleaning technicians assessed the traffic stains in the carpet, as well as the carpet fabric, so as to determine the most appropriate carpet cleaning detergents to be used along with our 9-step carpet cleaning process. We used our methodical approach to remove dust from the carpet and to treat the heavily stained areas, so that the carpet could be thoroughly cleaned without any damage from excessive scrubbing.

The Result:

traffic stains cleaning after

Our customer was left with a completely clean and rejuvenated carpet, free of traffic stains, dust and allergens that, not only rob the environment of its pleasant appearance, but also cause allergic triggers that amount to ill health.

The area was now truly clean, fresh and environmentally safe after our thorough traffic stains cleaning job – made easy thanks to our effective eco detergents, professional cleaning equipment and highly trained and skilled cleaning technicians.

Check out our carpet cleaning service and get in touch for a thorough cleanup of your carpets, in your domestic or commercial premises.

We clean everywhere in London within the M25 and have monthly Special Offers for a host of cleaning services.

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