Steam sofa cleaning in Belsize Park, Camden, North West London, NW3

Customer Location:

Belsize Park, Camden, North West London, NW3

The Challenge:          

We were called by our customer in Belsize Park to schedule steam sofa cleaning. Home Maid Clean is an expert at domestic and office steam cleaning, so this sounded like a regular cleaning job at first. But, upon arrival at the client’s home we figured out the sofa to be cleaned was also the sweet spot for two adorable pugs in the household.

Pugs are perfectly adorable, good-humoured and amiable.  The true challenge is: they do shed a lot of hair from their short coat every day!  That’s not exactly good news when their favourite spot is the sofa!  Cleaning of that sofa was a big job with that case of the adorable double trouble :)

steam sofa cleaning

The Solution:

Upon discovering that the sofa was the pugs’ hang out spot, our technicians understood that intense vacuuming to get rid of hairs would have been necessary before any further cleaning took place. But we have just the right, truly powerful equipment that can more than handle that problem.

Effective eco detergents were used to soak out tough stains so as not to over scrub in any event.  The preservation of material and colour is always a core consideration of our team when cleaning upholstered furniture.

The final touch is the application of our steam cleaning technique to get rid of allergens and other pollutants caught in the fibres of the material for a total clean.

The Result:

steam sofa cleaning

At the end of the steam sofa cleaning process we left a beautifully cleaned sofa, refreshed and totally deodorized.  It was totally free of all pet hairs, dust and stains. Our sofa steam cleaning, in combination with our detergents and powerful steam cleaning equipment, did a perfect job.

Check out our steam sofa cleaning service and get in touch with us to book a sofa cleaning slot. We clean everywhere in London within the M25 and are available at short notice at no extra cost.

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