Steam cleaning of a discoloured armchair in Baron’s Court, London W14

Steam cleaning of a discoloured armchair in Baron’s Court, London W14

Customer Location:

Baron’s Court, Greater London W14

The Challenge:

In our comfort zones most people act instinctively, without any serious consideration about cause and effect of regular actions, like that of sitting on a sofa in your jeans.  The thought of staining an upholstery with one’s clothing hardly ever comes to mind. Our customer in Baron’s Court got caught by the mindless act of just sitting on their light coloured armchair; only, this time it was with damp jeans.

Needless to say, the damp clothing left its impression on the lightly coloured armchair, and the upholstery stain was very apparent. Deep and efficient professional upholstery cleaning was required.

cleaning upholstery stains

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean cleaning experts have a solution for any cleaning calamity.  And so, when our customer called to book cleaning of stains from a light coloured armchair, our upholstery cleaners were ready with training and expertise to remove this stain.

First, we had to break up the stain by pre-treating it with appropriate and efficient eco detergents. Then, we deep cleaned the stain as well as the entire armchair using professional steam cleaning equipment and hand cleaning, where necessary, in line with our strategy to prevent over scrubbing of the armchair and avoid causing scoffing, tearing of the textile or fading of the colour. We not only cleaned the stain on this chair – we removed any dust and dirt captured deep within the armchair insides.

Deeply cleaned, this armchair was then left to dry out for a few hours.

The Result:

cleaning upholstery stains

The stain was completely removed thanks to a combination of cleaner expertise, efficient cleaning detergents and professional steam cleaning equipment.

Not only was the stain removed, but whatever water may have gotten beneath the surface of the armchair from the cleaning process was removed to ensure that the armchair would not be compromised by moisture from the inside.

The armchair was perfectly stain-free, dust-free and dirt-free, its upholstery refreshed and looking almost like new!

We will clean stubborn upholstery stains anywhere in London.

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