Steam cleaning of a urine-stained baby cot in Battersea, South London, SW8

Customer Location

Battersea, South London SW8

The Challenge

All parents know how important it is to ensure a perfectly clean and totally comfortable environment for our kids while they grow. But we also know that sometimes this turns into a serious challenge, especially when we need to relax and enjoy the time with our little ones more than everything else.

Our customer was a family who needed an urgent baby cot cleanup. The baby cot was seriously urine-stained and the smell, in addition to the unpleasant appearance of the stains, was creating an uncomfortable environment for the little cutie and the family as a whole. In addition, urine caught in the bedding may also attract bed bugs and germs, causing skin infections and irritations to the gentle baby skin. The baby mattress would eventually need to be completely replaced, had the family not reached us to request express professional steam cleaning service.

steam cleaning


The solution

When the services of Home Maid Clean were requested in Battersea, South London, SW8 we understood the need for quick reaction. A professional mattress cleaner was sent to the address in the first available slot on the following day.

First, to ensure the best outcome from the cleaning assignment, we thoroughly checked the extent of the stains and soils and examined it for any other debris or pollutants trapped in the it. Those may cause health problems to kids so treating them in the cleanup process was also important.

After the initial evaluation, we performed a careful mattress steam cleaning using Prochem top-notch cleaning equipment and Prochem eco cleaning products – the latter are non-toxic and completely safe for babies and kids.

Our trained Prochem-qualified technician successfully removed all stains.  It took only couple of hours for the mattress to dry and to be ready to be used again.


baby cot steam cleaning


Our professional cleaner left a stain-free and odour-free baby cot mattress and thanks to steam cleaning used in this case, he also completely eliminated any mattress germs and insects.

Thanks to eco cleaning materials, we left a fresh, clean and completely safe baby sleeping environment. Our customer in Battersea was satisfied with a perfect final result, achieved with a short notice.

You can always rely on Home Maid Clean for a deep and safe mattress cleaning in all areas of London within the M25check our mattress steam cleaning prices and discounts.

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