Staircase carpet cleaning in a shared house in Pimlico, London SW1P

Staircase carpet cleaning in a shared house in Pimlico, London SW1P

Customer Location:

Pimlico, Central London, SW1P

The Challenge:

Those areas in a house that are on the beaten path are most problematic to keep clean.

It is even more of a challenge if the area in particular is the carpet, and more so, if that carpet is lightly coloured!  Dirt and stains from the feet will be very visible and difficult to get out, unless professional carpet cleaning service is used.

For our customer in Pimlico, the dirty carpet on the staircase was even more of an issue because this was a shared house; which meant more feet, more movements, more traffic and traffic stains landing on the lightly coloured carpet! The thought of cleaning dirt that has discoloured a lightly coloured carpet can be intimidating, especially if the soiling is to the extent that it has significantly changed the true colour of the carpet.

Thinking of how to clean the dirt out and get the carpet to return to its normal colour without compromising the carpet or flooring requires the knowledge and skills of professional carpet cleaners.

communal stairs_before

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean’s team of professional carpet cleaners went to the shared dwelling and assessed the color and material of the carpet, as well as the extent of the cleaning that it required. Our methodical 9-step carpet cleaning process was administered, where the carpet was first vacuumed to remove excess dirt, then pre-treated in specific areas where heavy stains had been detected and assessed. Finally, using deep steam carpet cleaning and hand cleaning where necessary, using the most efficient professional eco carpet cleaning detergents, the carpet had been thoroughly cleaned.

The Result:

communal stairs_after

Upon completion of this professional staircase carpet cleaning service, all dirt, stains, bacteria and allergens, even those captured deep into the carpet were thoroughly cleaned! The carpet was returned to its light, bright colour and was no longer dull and dark from dirt stains. Heavy traffic stains no longer defined the appearance of this staircase.  The pleasant appearance of the carpet was restored.

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