Office carpet cleaning in Old Street, EC2A

Office carpet cleaning in Old Street, EC2A

Customer location:

Old Street, Central London, EC2A

The Challenge:

The heaviest carpet stains and soils happen often in the office context.  Heavy traffic and a variety of events and business often leave an office carpet smeared and stained, incidentally.

But, even the toughest and strangest of stains on the office carpet can be cleaned.  Replacement is not always necessary.  Knowing how to clean carpets and remove stains makes all the difference.

This office carpet had an obvious stain.  Whether someone had poured something on the carpet deliberately or there was an accidental spill, the look added nothing to the atmosphere of the room. Moreover, the liquid captured into the carpet fabrics was already giving out unpleasant odour and so – professional carpet cleaning was necessary to clean it out.

stained office carpet cleaning

The Solution:

An initial assessment was necessary to determine the type of stain residing on this carpet. Thus our carpet cleaning technicians would be able to determine what kind of treatment and detergents were necessary to efficiently lift the stain off the carpet fabrics.

The complete clean of the carpet required following our strict 9-step carpet cleaning process, especially with such a bold stain.  Pre-treatment, the selection of the right detergents, powerful professional steam cleaning equipment, knowledge, skills and the necessary process was used to lift this stain.

The Result:

stained office carpet cleaning

Thanks to the expertise of our highly trained and experienced carpet cleaners, the carpet in this office building was successfully cleaned and the huge stain was completely cleaned out. Any leftover liquid staying into the fabrics of the office carpet was extracted. All dust and dirt captured inside the carpet were also removed right along with it! The carpet was fully clean, smelling fresh and deodorized.

Carpet cleaning can be done separately or as part of our full office cleaning service. We clean outside working hours and on weekends and support is available 24/7.

We clean everywhere in London and emergency cleaning comes at no extra cost.

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