Stained carpet steam cleaning in Liverpool Street, London EC2

Stained carpet steam cleaning in Liverpool Street, London EC2

Customer Case:

Steam carpet cleaning in Liverpool Street

The Challenge:

A carpet is a beautiful piece of accessory that can lift the appearance of any room, provide protection from cold floors and be a buffer to noisy feet.

But carpets can become quite dirty over time from accumulated dust, dirt, liquids and stains.  This can be a challenge to the health of occupants of the environment. Due to the porous nature of the textile of carpets and the fact that carpets are heavily used, regular and deep steam carpet cleaning is recommended to ensure healthy environment for all inhabitants of carpeted premises.

Our customer in Liverpool had a lovely carpet that had not been cleaned for over three years.  The implications were becoming quite apparent, so that our customer had to seek our professional carpet cleaning help to restore the beautiful appearance of the carpet.

stained carpet steam cleaning

The Solution:

Our professional carpet cleaning team is always strictly following our 9-step carpet cleaning process, for every cleaning case. As a first step, the carpet was assessed for the extent and nature of its stains. Then, the stains were pre-treated as necessary, to agitate staining that was old and intense.  The carpet also had to be deeply vacuumed to get rid of excessive dust prior to administering any other part of the cleaning process (which would naturally involve some amount of moisture or wetting).

Our professional carpet cleaners strictly followed our cleaning strategy, adhering to Home Maid Clean’s standards to ensure that all dirt that had accumulated in the carpet over the three years would have been cleaned from it.

The Result:

stained carpet steam cleaning

Home Maid Clean carpet cleaners did an amazing job in this challenging carpet cleaning case, taking out all staining, dust, dirt and allergens from the customer’s carpet.

The colours of the carpet got new life from the thorough cleaning that was given; and the stale air and musty smell that goes with dirty carpets were replaced with a welcoming freshness all throughout the house!

Check out our steam carpet cleaning service and call us to book a clean for your carpets in your home or office. We take pride in being a recommended London carpet cleaner and look forward to having you join our list of happy customers.

We clean all types of carpets, everywhere in London. Emergency carpet cleaning comes at no extra cost!

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