Cleaning a food stained carpet in Elephant and Castle, London SE17

Cleaning a food stained carpet in Elephant and Castle, London SE17

Customer Location:       

Elephant and Castle, London SE17

The Challenge:

Keeping a house clean can be a serious and daunting challenge..and it’s only the inhabitants of the house and a few guests triggering all that dust and dirt. Now, imagine the mess made in public environments where numerous persons must use, daily!  The cleanup challenge there is times bigger!

Home Maid Clean is a London cleaning company that caters to all types, sizes and degrees of cleaning jobs and we offer the whole range of cleaning services – from domestic cleaning to commercial cleaning, from deep cleaning to carpet, sofa and upholstery cleaning.  And so, cleaning carpets, even in public places like the Elephant and Castle, is right within the scope of our core services. This carpet in Elephant and Castle badly needed a cleanup because food getting and staying deep into the carpet is no fun – not to look at, not to clean, not to smell!

stained carpet cleaning

The Solution:

Upon arriving at the customer’s location, our cleaning technicians took the first step in our 9-step carpet cleaning process – they assessed the fabrics of the carpet that needed to be cleaned, as well as the type of the stains. Food stains were all over the carpet, but much more beneath a table where folks would sit to eat.  Stains from spilled drinks made them company. Food and spilled drinks, when left uncleaned, would get deep into the carpet fabrics and grow bacteria and bad smell. The longer they stay, the more difficult it becomes to get them out.

To get a good clean, the cleaners moved around some items on the carpet so that the stained areas could be properly treated and all food and drink stains completely removed. Deep vacuuming followed to remove all food particles. Then, all stains were carefully treated with detergents appropriate for the fabrics of the carpet and the stain types. Powerful steam cleaning ensured all even the tiniest pieces of food or drinks had been removed, along with any dust accumulated in the carpet. Hand cleaning was used in the areas difficult to access.

The Result:

stained carpet cleaning


The carpet was given a good Home Maid handling and all the food particles, dust, dirt and stains were completely removed. The carpet colour and fabrics were completely preserved. Our customer had the luxury of a fresh looking, clean and well-deodorized carpet once more.

Thanks to the expertise of Home Maid Clean carpet cleaning technicians, effective eco detergents and powerful cleaning equipment – we got another cust0mer completely thrilled with the quality of carpet cleaning service delivered. (see the testimonials of other happy Home Maid Clean customers)

Let us get your carpets back into perfect shape! We offer domestic and commercial carpet cleaning everywhere in London. We’ll clean at short notice at no extra cost.

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