Spring cleaning service in Charrington Tower, Canary Wharf

Spring cleaning service in Charrington Tower, Canary Wharf

Customer Location: 

Charrington Tower, Canary Wharf, London E14

The Challenge:

Spring, the burst of beauty and warmer air brings with it ‘newness’ that begs a good spring clean-out, just to put the murkiness and slushy, wet, cold winter woes behind! The idea is to get to all the crevices and corners where even little creatures may have been hiding from the chills of winter and may even have died.

It is a slightly more serious situation when the house has not been cleaned for a long time. This is a challenge in itself! Because there is now more than the vestiges of winter to clean.

Build up of dust over time, then the addition of moisture, makes a perfect environment for must, mould and limescale to flourish. The result is the need for a major spring cleaning project!

spring cleaning service

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean’s spring cleaning technicians are not faint of heart, and no cleaning job is too big for the mastery of our domestic cleaners! So, this house that needed to be properly spring cleaned, even though it had not been cleaned for a long while, was still right within our forte.

The entire dwelling was assessed for any particular focus for cleaning and our cleaners took to the job using our powerful and professional, but safe, domestic cleaning detergents and equipment. Every area of the house was extensively cleaned, following our strict domestic cleaning checklist.

The Result:

spring cleaning service

Limescale that had built up in bathrooms was completely cleaned out. So was any build-up that was in the kitchens and on kitchen appliances, like the insides of the ovens. Home Maid Clean’s expert eyes for cleaning did not miss a speck of dirt, and the house was cleaned back to a pleasant freshness!

Check out our spring cleaning service and call us to book a clean for you and hear about our special offers discounts! Check out also our numerous customer recommendations – they speak well of the quality of domestic cleaning and office cleaning services we provide!

We clean everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no extra charge!

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