Spring cleaning in Wandsworth, London SW18

Spring cleaning in Wandsworth, London SW18

Customer Location:

Wandsworth, London, SW18

The Challenge:

The heavy duty character of spring cleaning is enough to weigh most of us down; sometimes down and out with no interest in doing it at all!

But with the onset of spring comes the onset of the need and opportunity to clean, and clean properly after being locked up for the whole winter. Windows and doors can be opened with the welcoming warmth of the season, and the unwelcomed debris accumulated over the wet, cold season can finally be cleaned out.

But, what a job!

Fortunately, Home Maid Clean is not daunted by even spring cleaning London.  So we were available and ready to take this job for our customer in Wandsworth.

spring cleaning london

The Solution:

A full spring cleaning requires getting rid of dirt and dust, in every tiny spot of the dwelling. So, windows were opened up, furniture was moved, curtains, carpets and other small items removed.

With dust everywhere, our technicians had to move things around quite a bit to achieve the most effective clean.

Bathrooms and kitchen where limescale and other pollutants had built up were part and parcel of the cleaning frenzy – and so we rid them of allergy stimulants and dust and grime that had gathered over time.

The Result:

spring cleaning london

The cleaning technicians from Home Maid Clean did a fantastic job of, not just freshening up for spring, but thoroughly cleaning out all dust, limescale and moisture laden debris that could trigger health problems  from skirting boards, window panes and other crevices and corners, leaving a clean and fresh atmosphere for the warmth of spring.

Check out our Spring cleaning London services for homes and offices, our numerous customer success stories and customer testimonials.

We clean everywhere in London within the M25 and are available at a short notice, for no extra cost. Give us a try!

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