Sofa cleaning in Chancery Lane, Central London

Customer Location:

Chancery Lane, Central London

The Challenge:

A light-coloured sofa is, sometimes, the thing to add zest or style that makes the décor of an already clean and fabulous flat just pop!

However, sometimes you just want your beautiful piece of furniture for your practical pleasure, just as our customer in Chancery Lane who had this lovely light coloured sofa for her everyday use and comfort.

The piece was a nice compliment to her flat, but everyday use had left dark spots that took away from the otherwise clean, pristine surroundings. Considering the delicate fabrics and light colour, our client decided to have her lovely sofa cleaned professionally rather than experiment with expensive and inappropriate cleaning detergents.

sofa cleaning London

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean was called in by this customer to restore the hygienic integrity and grandeur to this sofa in this lovely flat. This piece needed special care when cleaning so as not to cause scuffing and make it a misfit in its environment.

With the high level of training that our cleaners receive, they were able to determine which of our eco-friendly detergents to use on this sofa, how to treat the spots and thoroughly clean the piece without smearing or damaging the material or the colour in the process.

The Result:

sofa cleaning London

Though light in colour, the sofa was cleaned and restored to its even tone with no incident of over scrubbing, tearing or fading. All the dark spots were removed so that the piece could again blend beautifully with its clean and tastefully decorated atmosphere. In addition, any dirt, germs and allergens that had accumulated deep into the sofa material had been removed thanks to our powerful professional steam cleaning equipment.

Check out our sofa cleaning London service and review our numerous sofa cleaning London customer success stories. What customers say about our cleaning services? Find out in our Testimonials section.

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