Sofa cleaning in Holloway, London N7

Sofa cleaning in Holloway, London N7

Customer Location:

Holloway, London N7

The Challenge:

There aren’t many options for your furniture if you need to be away for a long time. One good solution, always, is to put your valuable furniture into storage to preserve it and (hopefully) keep it clean. Putting furniture in storage does prove to have some drawbacks, though, especially if the furniture material is textile. One such drawback is: storage doesn’t always mean ‘clean kept’.

This was the challenge for our customer in Holloway, who had to go away on business and left his sofa in storage for a year. Upon collection, it turned out the sofa gathered a lot of dust, lost its colour and vibrancy, and had assumed the ‘storage smell’.

Sofa cleaning Holloway

The Solution:

With highly trained eyes and experience in cleaning all types of furniture, our technicians went to clean this sofa at our customer’s house in Holloway. The sofa material and condition were assessed – this piece of furniture turned out to be excessively dusty, dull and musty! The original colours of the sofa had also been completely lost.

To restore the sofa, our cleaners first deeply vacuumed it, to remove excess dust and dirt. Then, powerful steam sofa cleaning combined with appropriate sofa cleaning detergents were used to extract dirt from deep within, including such that landed into the sofa even before it had been put to storage. The wooden parts of the sofa had also been carefully cleaned and polished. Hand cleaning was used for those sofa parts that were difficult to access.

The Result:

Sofa cleaning Holloway

With our methodical and thorough approach to sofa cleaning this lovely piece of furniture was rid of all dust that was accumulated over the year that it spent in storage. State of the art equipment and eco-friendly detergents were used to get rid of allergens and contaminants in the fabric of the sofa and also to restore its colour, deodorize it and make it fresh and appealing again without any damage or compromise to the fabric or colour!

Our customer got back a sofa that was, once again, comfortable, clean and fresh – almost like new! See more sofa cleaning customer success stories.

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