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Get them rid of stubborn stains, dust, germs and bacteria!

Home Main Clean provides carpet cleaning professional services for everyone – from homes and rented apartments that need cleaning before or at the end of the tenancy, to office facilities ridden with coffee stains, to hotels, pubs and gyms…

Carpet cleaning can be a tricky a job, especially with tough stains or delicate, rich-color carpet fabrics. Not for our professionally trained and certified by Prochem carpet cleaners though! They come fully equipped with powerful carpet steam cleaning equipment, appropriate carpet detergents and a can-do attitude.

Carpet cleaning

Our carpet cleaners follow a strict 9-step Spot and Removal cleaning inspection and treatment process, ensuring all stains, dirt and germs are completely removed. In the process, we also move the furniture in the property to clean the nooks and corners and what lies beneath it. We offer Scotchgard Protection® to ensure long-lasting cleaning effect for your carpets.

Our 9-step carpet cleaning process

  1. Examination of the surface to be cleaned

    We check the carpet fabrics, colors and stains to determine whether dry cleaning or hot water extraction method (also commonly known as steam cleaning) would produce the best results for this specific case. We take special care to treat each type of carpet differently. We offer cleaning services for different types of rug such as Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian and Oriental.

    Carpet cleaning London Rug cleaning London

  2. Carpet Testing

    We use the Dye and Fibre test on all the colours of the carpet to ensure the appropriate cleaning solutions would be used to remove the stains.

  3. Vacuum

    Professional vacuum equipment removes all dust, grit and dry soil caught in your carpet. The regular clean is likely to miss the hidden spots— we warrant that those are also taken care of.

  4. Spray Treatment

    All accessible areas of the carpet are pre-treated for effective cleaning

  5. Deep cleaning

    Machine cleaning using the selected for your carpet case detergents and cleaning method.

  6. carpet cleaning in London - Home Maid CleanHand Cleaning

    Getting through to all the inaccessible places of the property and using hands to clean those areas (Special attention given to edges and stairs)

  7. Dirt extraction

    Powerful extraction of any left-over dirt using efficient equipment.

  8. Deodorizing

    We leave fresh and deodorized air in your property.

  9. Post-Inspection

    A final check is being run across the property to verify that all cleaning procedures have been carried out and our high standards met.

Carpets catch dust easily and are likely to increase the allergens in your home. It is pertinent to get rid of the germs, bacteria, fungus, dust mites and mould on a regular basis. Using Home Maid Clean carpet cleaning services, you have a deeply-cleaned carpet and secure healthier environment for you and your family.

Carpet cleaning rug cleaning

Our eco-friendly products, certified by Prochem ensure that residents – including allergen-sensitive children, pregnant women and pets in the property – remain safe.

Have questions on how we will clean your carpet? Check out our FAQ page!

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Carpet cleaning

Read our carpet cleaning customer testimonials:

Excellent cleaning service! My rugs have never been this clean! Great Thank you!
Evelyn Jackson, North Road, Southall UB1 2JX

Professional, punctual and quick. The carpet cleaner came on time and he was very polite and friendly.
Chin Han, Hazelbourne Road, Clapham South SW12 9NU

I have used Home Maid Clean to steam clean the carpets in our family restaurant. The carpet cleaner was very professional, prompt, and did a fantastic job. I will definitely use their carpet cleaning service again!
Alexander Doval, Worple Road, Wimbledon SW19 4DD

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