Regular domestic cleaning in Vauxhall, South West London SW8

Customer Location:

Vauxhall, South West London, SW8

The challenge:

Having three small kids in one household surely makes daily housekeeping and cleaning a true challenge!

For the equal amount of joy they bring, young children create as much chaos and mayhem around the house. And keeping up on a daily basis is no easy task.

This is why our customer in Vauxhall relies on the professionalism of our trained team of London domestic cleaners at Home Maid Clean to provide top rated, regular domestic cleaning service for their household every week! They trust us at Home Maid Clean to do what we do best – clean.

Regular domestic cleaning

The Solution:    

For four hours every week a team of domestic cleaners from Home Maid Clean goes to Vauxhall to provide routine household cleaning for this family with three vibrant and energetic young children.

The cleaners would take care of all the household cleaning including dusting and mopping, cleaning and de-greasing of bathrooms and kitchen areas, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and any other cleaning needs that are routinely necessary.

In addition, our team also takes care of the ironing needs of the household, making things not just clean but also more manageable for the household.

The Result:

Regular domestic cleaning

Our regular domestic cleaning job in Vauxhall is always followed by a repeat booking.  We are a part of this family’s routine because of the high quality cleaning service we provide at a very affordable rate.

The house is always left properly cleaned, deodorized and friendly for the entire family, and life is made that much easier by the ironing service we also provide.

Check out our routine domestic cleaning service and get in touch to book a cleaning slot for your home too. Take a look at our monthly Special Offers too – a discount might be waiting for you!

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