Regular domestic cleaning in Millharbour, Canary Wharf E14

Regular domestic cleaning in Millharbour, Canary Wharf E14

Customer Location:

Millharbour, Canary Wharf, East London E14

The Challenge:

The joy of having twins is sometimes unmatched! So is the challenge of managing young twin boys and household duties. Domestic cleaning, in particular, can be quite a task with two precious little busy bodies crawling around and doing what they do best – make a mess.

Finding the perfect balance between house-keeping and child/children care can be tricky too. With all the domestic cleaning there is to get done, finding enough time to spend with the little ones to bond along the way of their development can be hard. A clean house or close and connected family should not have to be choices measured against each other.  So, our customer in Millharbour, Canary Wharf sought to remedy her situation by booking a weekly domestic cleaning with Home Maid Clean.

regular domestic cleaning

The Solution:

A trained domestic cleaning maid from Home Maid Clean was sent to this family dwelling to provide routine domestic chores every week for this busy mother of two. She did not have to miss bonding time with her twin boys when there was help, twice per week, to assist with domestic chores.

Our maid provided a standard set of domestic cleaning services which include dusting, tidying up, overall cleaning of all premises including kitchen and bathroom. Home Maid Clean domestic cleaning customers may request extra domestic cleaning services as needed, and for this home ironing was also requested.

The Result:

regular domestic cleaning

This mother does not only have enough time to spend with her children as well as relax, because of the help that maids from Home Maid Clean provide, but she also has an environment that is clean and hygienic for her little ones to move around in without concern or worry.

Even with two bouncing baby boys, this mother’s house can be dust free, allergen free, overall clean and tidy.

The routine cleaning service provided guarantees for a well kept house, good for two growing children and for the physical and emotional well-being of this mother of two.

Check out our routine domestic cleaning service and call us to book a domestic cleaning slot. We clean everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no extra charge.

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