Reception sofa cleaning in Blackfriars, London EC4

Reception sofa cleaning in Blackfriars, London EC4

Customer Location

Blackfriars,  London EC4

The Challenge

Companies use particular colours in their entrance décor to have customers and partners visiting them feel welcome and at ease, right from the door. Soft colours such as beige, and cotton upholstery furniture, specifically sofas, contribute to creating a relaxed and comfortable office ambience. But, there is a high price to pay for the maintenance of this furniture colour and material – stains and soils landing on them get pretty visible and need immediate cleanup.

The reception area sees a lot of people traffic and furniture comes into contact with attire, skin and often – coffee, leaving dark, unsightly soil marks on light coloured sofa surfaces.  Talk about maintaining an inviting and welcoming reception area!  Dirt certainly defies that idea! And for this company, it was very much the case.

reception sofa cleaning

The Solution

Home Maid Clean sofa cleaning service was urgently needed to bring this company’s reception area furniture out of disrepute.  As per our usual methodical sofa cleaning procedure – the sofas were first assessed for the nature and extent of the stains. Then, hard stains were pre-treated, the sofas were dusted to remove excess dirt prior to cleaning and to ensure that debris was not left in hard to reach crevices. Following this, these lightly coloured, heavily soiled sofas were given Home Maid Clean’s deep sofa cleaning treatment.  Eco detergents that were effective with dirt and stains on fine cotton material were used to remove heavy soils from the arm rests of the sofas and to take out coffee stains that had discoloured the textile.

The Result

reception sofa cleaning

These beige sofas were cleaned to perfection and made to look like new!

The dullness that was as a result of excessive dirt and grime on the cotton/polyester material was totally removed and the upholstery colour could now be seen in its liveliness and loveliness! Any dust, dirt and liquid residues trapped within the sofa insides had been removed, along with the unpleasant smell triggered by those. The sofa was smelling and feeling absolutely clean, soft and fresh.

We handle even the most stubborn and challenging sofa cleaning jobs, with the best possible outcome! Check out our sofa cleaning and upholstery cleaning services and call us to book a clean for you. Take a look at our Special Offers as well!

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