Professional office carpet cleaning in Old Street, London EC2

Professional office carpet cleaning in Old Street, London EC2

Customer Case:

Professional office carpet cleaning in Old Street, Central London, EC2

The Challenge:

Keeping a carpet clean in a high activity area like an office is a challenge, under any circumstance. High traffic leads to significant amounts of dirt, dust and other traffic stains. It is hardly avoidable.

The movement of many feet carries debris with them. To have a carpet covering the beaten path means that this piece of textile material will begin to show the dirty signs of high traffic in short order; and after it is cleaned it will likely need another carpet cleaning in the not-so-distant future. Scuff marks and stains from moving feet will be very evident on the areas of the carpet that marks the path of traffic. Things can get unsightly, causing professional carpet cleaning to become an urgent need.

professional office carpet cleaning

The Solution:

The office booked Home Maid Clean carpet cleaning team to take care of the cleaning of the traffic-stained carpet. Following our 9-step carpet cleaning process, our carpet cleaning technicians were sure to assess the carpet for heavy and, possibly resistant stains.  These stains were pre-treated with professional eco-friendly carpet cleaning products most appropriate and efficient for the carpet fabrics, before the general cleaning of the carpet was done.

Thanks to powerful vacuuming using professional equipment, all dust and dirt captured deep into the carpet fabrics had been taken out. Then, using steam carpet cleaning equipment, the carpet was cleaned thoroughly of all the dirt marks, track marks and boot marks from the perpetual treading of busy feet over its surface.

The Result:

professional office carpet cleaning

The carpet was totally cleaned and completely refreshed! Our carpet cleaners removed the dirt marks and foot marks that made the carpet look dull, dirty and unattractive, defacing the office. The colour was significantly revived in the cleaning process and the carpet was also left smelling quite clean and fresh, with no damage to its integrity!

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