Professional move-in cleaning in a renovated maisonette in Mayfair, London W1S

Professional move-in cleaning in a renovated maisonette in Mayfair, London W1S

Customer Case:

Move-in cleaning in Mayfair,  London W1S

The Move-in Cleaning Challenge:

Getting help to efficiently clean a posh maisonette apartment with natural stone and marble surfaces can be quite a task!

Knowing how easy it is to scrape and scratch these surfaces in the cleaning process, seeing the restoration costs pile up at the very thought is a deterrent from cleaning in itself. But more so is the thought of accumulated scratches and scoff marks that robs a beautiful surface of its beauty – a violation that cleaning the wrong way can easily cause.

Not to mention the use of the wrong domestic cleaning products that will leave ugly films and unsightly build up to mask the look of an otherwise beautiful surface.

Our customer in Mayfair was wary of the possibilities and decided to seek the professional help of Home Maid Clean move-in cleaning team to take care of housekeeping needs in their spacious luxury apartment that needed to be made ready for a new tenant.

professional move-in cleaning

The Solution:

Our team of move-in cleaners went on location and examined the environment. They determined the special cleaning needs for all premises and distributed the tasks between the team so the cleaning job could be efficiently completed within the short time allocated by the customer.

The furniture was moved around with professional expertise. As per our strict professional cleaning checklist, all areas were cleaned with gentle, but effective professional cleaning detergents, ridding the flat of all dust, dirt and greasy build up.

The lovely marble and natural stone surfaces were handled with the highest professional cleaning skills and professionalism!

The Result:

professional move-in cleaning

The apartment was cleaned to perfection! All dust, dirt and grease had been removed from the furniture, carpets and curtains. Special attention was paid to the bathroom and kitchen, where all appliances and cupboards were given a deep clean.

Following our deep move-in cleaning, our customer’s new tenant would be welcomed to move into a beautiful, clean and polished apartment that smelt really clean and fresh!

There were no accidents resulting in scratches or scrapes in the entire move-in cleaning process, even though all furniture and accessories were moved, as needed, to accomplish a thorough clean!

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