Professional move out cleaning in Aldgate

Professional move out cleaning in Aldgate

Customer Location:

Aldgate, London, EC3

The Challenge:

Moving out can be a challenge in itself. Just the process of packing everything appropriately, the organizing, the bending and shifting… It takes quite a bit of effort. And then, you get to the move out cleaning.

While many persons will get through the packing and sorting, the move out cleaning is a massive bolder that could knock every chance of getting your rental deposit refunded right out of your reality!

Our customer in Aldgate knew this cleaning thing was more than he could manage, and so, he went to Google to find a professional move out cleaning company with high reviews that he could trust to get this job done for him.

Of course, Home Maid Clean’s high reputation precedes us! With all of the customer reviews on cleaning jobs well done (see our customer testimonials as well as reviews on FreeIndex), our cleaning company was high among his finds! Our new customer was satisfied that he could even let in our cleaners and leave, with confidence that his flat would get properly cleaned.

professional move out cleaning

professional move out cleaning

The Solution:

Our end of tenancy cleaning professionals followed a strict end of tenancy cleaning checklist to give this 2 bedroom flat a deep move-out cleaning. From ceiling to carpet, our cleaning technicians used Home Maid Clean’s signature safe and eco- friendly cleaning products to deliver a sparkling clean job to this 2 bedroom dwelling, including a signature carpet cleaning job of the carpet that ran through the entire flat!

All, while our trusting customer left the cleaners unsupervised.

The Result:

professional move out cleaning

professional move out cleaning

Upon our customer’s return the 2 bedroom flat was immaculately cleaned! Even without supervision our cleaners did the carpet cleaning and everything else that was required to a flawless finish! Needless to say, the move out cleaning job that was done got our customer his deposit back!

Check out our wide range of cleaning services and call us to book a clean and learn about our discounts.

We are available across London and can be booked at short notice at no extra charge!

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