Professional Cleaning is not ‘Causa Perduta’

Best tips for professional cleaning


You don’t have to be a professional cleaner to clean your place as well as professionals do. All you have to do is to apply some of their best tricks in professional cleaning. In other words, use the “I- learn -from -the -best” technique, as that famous song sings. 

What do professional cleaners do?

Here are some key tips for professional cleaning

1. No waste of time

Use your time and space effectively. Professional cleaners do not make more than one circle in a room. Every minute counts. When you start cleaning a room, take a place and don’t make another move until everything in front of you is clean. If you are cleaning the bathroom take your place before the sink and clean everything in front of you – polish the sink and fixtures, clean the mirror, counters and everything that is at your fingertips. Then move on.household professional cleaning

 2. Tote all cleaning products

Professional cleaning experts pay attention to all these little details. Why? Because they save time and make cleaning more effective.
Make a list of everything you would need for your professional cleaning and take a large basket or whatever you consider for appropriate. Put all your tools and products into it and go.

3. Tidy up before you start

Pick up all those little stuff that are all over the surfaces, floor and furniture – toys, papers, dirty dishes etc. You need your professional cleaning area free before you start. Once you tidy up you may unleash.

4. Reduce the number of professional cleaning supplies

Use multi-purpose products. Make this task simpler. No wonder professional cleaners tote all their tools. They use just a few detergents. This saves time and efforts.
Here are some ideas for products to put into your tray for your professional cleaning:

Degreasing detergent – pick up a good professional one and use it for all kinds stains and greasy spills, ovens
Light cleaner with alcohol – glass cleaners may be used for different surfaces – glass or plastic surfaces.
Title detergent – for ceramic and faience surfaces.
Powder multi-purpose cleaner – you may use it in both bathrooms and kitchens.

kitchen professional cleaning

 5. Sanitize and disinfect

It is a very important part of professional cleaning. Pay special attention to the areas with lots of bacteria – trash zones, toilet seat, drains, door handles, hard to reach places, pipes. Use good detergents, invest in best quality ones. Don’t waste your money and time for cheap ones.
Don’t neglect odours issue. Make sure to deodorize areas with bad odours – bathroom, sinks.

6. Mattresses disinfection

This is a MUST in professional cleaning. You need to get some poison to kill all bad micro-organisms living in your mattresses. You may also ask professionals for advice.

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