Professional carpet cleaning at the end of tenancy in Pimlico, London SW1V

Professional carpet cleaning at the end of tenancy in Pimlico, London SW1V

Customer Case:

Professional carpet cleaning at the end of tenancy in Pimlico, Central London

The Challenge:

Cleaning an empty flat that you’ve occupied for years is a serious challenge in the moving process. It is not just nice to hand over a clean flat to a landlord, it is a reasonable thing to do, if a refund of down payment from the landlord is expected.

But this end of tenancy cleaning job can be a major one because a lot of dust and dirt is accumulated in areas that are not normally seen when the house is occupied with people, appliances and furniture. Additionally, a space reveals its true size and all the dirt and dust when it is empty. And one of the items in a house that most badly needs professional cleaning help at the end of a tenancy is – the carpet!

professional carpet cleaning

The Solution:

Our customer in Pimlico, Central London decided that it was a good idea to get the flat cleaned by hiring Home Maid Clean professional move-out cleaning team. This move-out cleaning included deep carpet cleaning, considering the really stained and dusty carpet.

Our carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning technicians made sure to approach the job the usual Home Maid Clean way, meticulously and thoroughly, following our 9-step carpet cleaning process and our strict professional cleaning checklist. The aim is always to do the best cleaning job possible, in this case – the carpet included!

Kitchen and bathrooms were degreased and limescale removed everywhere, the entire property was cleaned and disinfected, dusted and deeply vacuumed. After the carpet stains and type of fabrics were examined, the carpet was deeply vacuumed and dusted to ensure thorough cleaning prior to steaming cleaning it. The most appropriate carpet cleaning detergents were then selected so the heavy carpet staining could be removed. Professional detergents combined with powerful steam carpet cleaning guarantee an efficient lifting and removal of even the deepest and most stubborn stains. Hand cleaning was used in those areas difficult to reach and in corners.

The Result:

professional carpet cleaning

After the steam carpet cleaning, the previously dirty and stained carpet now looked totally rejuvenated! All carpet stains had been removed and the carpet colour completely refreshed.

The entire  flat was cleaned to a shine! All areas were covered. Not a corner was left un-cleaned! Our customer was delighted to hand over an immaculately clean flat to their landlord and get their rental deposit back.

Check out our carpet cleaning service and move-out cleaning service and call us to book a clean for you. We take pride in being a recommended London cleaner and look forward to having you join our list of happy customers.

We clean everywhere in London and we can be booked at short notice for emergency carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning needs, at no extra cost!

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