Post-tenancy cleaning in Poplar, East London E14

Post-tenancy cleaning in Poplar, East London E14

Customer Location:

Poplar, East London, E14

The Challenge:

Regular cleaning in itself is a challenge quite often; worse, cleaning a dwelling that was not getting cleaned regularly or thoroughly over an extended period of time.

A dwelling that has been occupied with multiple students for two years will pose such challenges.

The problem is one for the landlord who needs a property of high integrity to roll over to new tenants, and to cleaners who must contend with a build up of pollutants and grime over time.

Removing dirt, grease and limescale that has been almost cemented in place requires excellent cleaning skills, effective strategies and efficient cleaning detergents and products.

post-tenancy cleaning london

post-tenancy cleaning london

The Solution:

To clean dirt accumulated over a long period of time, Home Maid Clean technicians used pre-soaking techniques for stubborn areas and resistant stains.

Then, following our methodical approach to tenancy cleaning and a well-defined tenancy cleaning checklist, furniture was displaced to ensure that no area was missed, rugs and carpet were vacuumed and steam cleaned with professional steam cleaning equipment, as needed, and bathroom and kitchen areas were thoroughly de-greased.

Areas that had build up of lime scale were given particular focus with our professional eco products that lift and remove even the most stubborn lime scale.

The Result:

post-tenancy cleaning london

post-tenancy cleaning london

Our cleaners managed to clean this dwelling to perfection, despite the build-up that was accumulated over two years.

With the requisite skills and tools Home Maid Clean was able to remove all the limescale in the bathrooms and other places.  Moulds and mildews, grease and grime were all cleaned out. The build up of pollutants for a period of two years was not at all evident in this flat anymore.

A totally clean, limescale-free, deodorized flat was handed over to the landlord – just in time for a new tenant willing to move in!

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