Post tenancy cleaning in Ealing Broadway, West London W5

Post tenancy cleaning in Ealing Broadway, West London W5

Customer Location:

Ealing Broadway, West London W5

The Challenge:

When moving out is usually the time when one realizes how much dust, dirt and everything else that they can accumulate in their living space.  Not to mention if there was a furry pet occupying that space too. The realization of how much there is to clean can be alarming!

Dust, dirt and cat fur have ways of attaching themselves and almost becoming a part of things and places like the carpet. Cleaning cat fur and dirt that had accumulated over time from crevices and corners of a 3 bedroom dwelling and from the carpet could end up being one humongous task, fit only for the professionals. Our customer had to move out, but realized there was a lot of cleaning to do in the 3 bedroom house, especially the cat fur that was on the carpet.

post tenancy cleaning london

The Solution:    

Our post tenancy cleaning technicians assessed the 3 bedroom dwelling to get a professional understanding of what the cleaning needs were for different parts of it. With post tenancy cleaning we have a strict cleaning checklist to follow, but depending on circumstances we do expand it with specific cleaning needs, like – cleaning cat fur!

The house was first deeply vacuumed and dusted, paying special attention to the cat fur-covered carpets. Then, the necessary degreasing, scrubbing, deep steam cleaning using professional steam cleaning equipment and Home Maid Clean’s way of carpet cleaning was done take out dirt and dust nested deep within the carpet.

The Result:

post tenancy cleaning london

The 3 bedroom was rid of all accumulated dirt and cat fur. The carpets were deeply cleaned, with no sign of cat hair at all. Bathrooms and kitchen were deeply cleaned and deodorized. The entire dwelling was smelling fresh and clean and was, once again, ready to accommodate its next inhabitant.

Thanks to the immaculate post-cleaning state of the property, our customer had a happy landlord returning his rental deposit back.

Check out our post tenancy cleaning service and the numerous testimonials of happy tenancy cleaning customers. We clean everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no extra cost.

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