Post construction cleaning in Muswell Hill, London N10

Post construction cleaning in Muswell Hill, London N10

Customer Location:

Muswell Hill, London, N10

The Challenge:

Post construction leaves dirt behind that we wish could go out by itself right behind the construction guys! But unfortunately, post construction mess, or any other source of dust or dirt in your household won’t clean itself.

Construction cannot be contained, and so, post construction dust and dirt can be pesky and hard to clean. And when the renovation works have been done all over a 3-storey house – the after builders cleaning task becomes quite a challenge! In situations like these professional after builders cleaning help may very well be best solution to get a proper deep cleaning done, because there is always a chance of overlooking unwanted dust which later on may become an irritant, cause health problems and odours!

post construction cleaning

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean professional after builders cleaning team was called in to remedy this situation and remove dust and construction debris from the three story dwelling. Our post construction cleaning professionals have extensive training and experience with challenging cleaning situations and they know the dust loving crevices!

Windows, window sills, skirting boards, blinds… everywhere was dusted. Construction plaster was removed from the floors and all surfaces were cleaned to a shine!

With eco-friendly professional cleaning products the bathrooms were scrubbed, cleaned and polished to a shine! The floors were then mopped with similar eco-friendly products to add the finishing touches and seal the deal on this after builders cleaning job. The 3-storey dwelling was given a thorough clean-up!

The Result:

post construction cleaning

post construction cleaning

Our post construction cleaners handed over a spanking clean three story dwelling to our customer! All dust and dirt from the renovation work was removed!

Our customer didn’t have to worry about post construction dust causing problems in their household, neither about cleaning products that may have harmful after effects on members of the household.  All dust was cleaned out and only the best and safest eco-friendly detergents were used throughout the entire post construction cleaning.

Check out our after builders cleaning service and call us to book a clean for you. Take a look at our Special Cleaning Offers too – a discount might be waiting for you!

We do post construction cleaning everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no extra cost!

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