Pet hair removal from a carpet in Chelsea, London SW10

Pet hair removal from a carpet in Chelsea, London SW10

Customer Location:

Chelsea, London SW10

The Challenge:

Pet lovers love their pets for their cuteness, companionship and sometimes little tricks that the cute cuddly pets do to put a smile on our faces. But, animal fur loves the crevices of the carpet as much as we love our pets. They get deep into the fibres and the carpet cleaning might become quite a problematic task!

Even regular carpet vacuuming will not clean cats’ fur from deep inside the carpet where they hide themselves. It takes diligence and professional carpet cleaning skills to extract fur from carpet.

Our customer in Chelsea had realized that regular vacuuming was not helping them to clean out cat fur that had embedded itself deep inside the carpet. Help from Home Maid Clean carpet cleaning professionals was sought.

pet hair removal professional carpet cleaning

The Solution:

Our carpet cleaning technicians have expertise and experience to resolve any carpet cleaning situation. In the case with pet hair, they knew what to expect and were prepared to completely clean all the cat fur that our customer was unable to remove by vacuuming alone.

They first examined the fur that was embedded deep into the fibres of the carpet and assessed the state and material of the carpet itself. Using professional, powerful vacuum carpet cleaners, dirt, dust and fur had been extracted from the carpet. Then, using deep carpet steam cleaning, any leftover pet hairs as well as tiny dirt and dust particles had been taken out of the carpet fabrics.

The Result:

pet hair removal

The result was a clean, beautiful, dust and dirt-free carpet with no more cat fur nesting itself deep into the carpet fibres.

With two cuddly cats being part of the household, cat fur will surely get into the carpet again, but our customer now has the reassurance that there is a professional carpet cleaner he may count on, at any time.

Check out our carpet cleaning services and contact us should a carpet cleaning situation occur! We clean everywhere in London and respond swiftly to any cleaning emergency.

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