Pet hair carpet cleaning in Goodge Street, London W1T

Pet hair carpet cleaning in Goodge Street, London W1T

Customer Case:

Pet hair carpet cleaning in Goodge street, London W1T

The Challenge:

Unless abandoned and empty, it is expected that a house will gather dirt and will, inevitably, get some soiling that will require carpet cleaning, at some point.

This is a natural part of the beautiful function of providing shelter for families and pets, and being the option of a clean, organized and protected environment for dwelling.  That’s the joy of civilization and housing. But, homely activities create mess!

There is simply no avoiding the grand occasion to clean.  Not when there are humans living and breathing, needing to make a dash for something, eating, drinking, sleeping, working, walking about and exfoliating!

And what of the lovely pets?!  Lovely as they are, they naturally add to the mess; unfortunately, they can’t even help to clean it!

So, at the end of the day, there is a mingling of everybody’s contribution to the process of life and regeneration; and it becomes very evident, over time, in the form of traffic stains and bits and pieces of ourselves and our activities left behind that will require some cleaning.

pet hair carpet cleaning

The Carpet Cleaning Solution:

The stairs in the house of one of our valued carpet cleaning customers was one such place that had started to show the evidence of life and activities in their house.

An obvious accumulation of pets’ hairs and traffic stains on the stairs was a sure indication of time to clean!

And so, Home Maid Clean was called in to give professional carpet cleaning attention to the stairs in this house.

Our cleaners addressed the pets’ hairs with usual vacuum cleaning and dusting with the best and most effective carpet cleaning equipment (see our post on the latest upgrade in our carpet cleaning equipment).  The traffic stains were treated according to the nature of the stains and necessary agitation applied to remove the stains completely.

The Carpet Cleaning Result:

pet hair carpet cleaning

The stairs were completely cleaned and the carpet stains treated and removed, giving the impression they were never there! No animal hair or foot traffic stains on the carpet to show.

This is the kind of cleaning job that we, at Home Maid Clean, strive to consistently give our customers.

Check out our carpet cleaning service and call us to book a clean for you. We clean carpets and rugs of any size and type, including Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian and Oriental carpets.

We clean rugs and carpets everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice for emergency cleaning needs, at no extra cost!

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