Office carpet steam cleaning in Liverpool Street, London EC3M

Office carpet steam cleaning in Liverpool Street, London EC3M

Customer Case:

Steam carpet cleaning in Liverpool Street, Central London EC3M

The Challenge:

A carpet in the office serves many purposes that hard floors don’t. Though hard floors may be easier to keep clean, a carpet adds a little bit of suave to the décor, softening the appearance of the décor and dulling heel noises as people walk about.

Especially in areas that have a lot of traffic, and where the distracting noises of footsteps are not so welcomed, the carpet is a treat – until the unclean evidence of the daily pressure it bears begins to show its dirty head. Professional carpet cleaning help is then required (or it is recommended) to clean communal foot paths on carpets in office buildings.

But our customer on Liverpool Street already knew this and called Home Maid Clean carpet cleaning team to professionally clean the carpet that had foot marks and other dirt and soil marks from everyday heavy traffic in the communal hallway.

office carpet steam cleaning

The Solution:

Heavy traffic stains are hard to clean, period. It requires good carpet cleaning skills and expertise, so the right cleaning approach and detergents might be selected for the carpet fabrics and colour.

Without the right approach and appropriate treatment those tough carpet stains from constant coffee spills, dropped food and other debris are bound to remain evident after the carpet cleaning is done.

Our well trained and skilled carpet cleaners followed our strict 9-step carpet cleaning process to ensure all soiling on this office carpet would be gone. They made sure to pretreat heavy carpet stains with efficient carpet cleaning detergents after dusting and vacuuming the carpet to get rid of extra dust and dirt. Steam cleaning using powerful and professional office carpet steam cleaning equipment was then administered, to remove even the tiniest leftover dust and dirt particles as well as any detergent residue.

The Result:

office carpet steam cleaning

After our carpet cleaners completed the cleaning job, this office carpet was looking once again sparkling clean, with its colour totally refreshed.

There was no evidence of the massive amount of trampling, dirt and soiling from food and beverages daily. Dust and dirt captured in the carpet that could potentially cause allergies and health issues, was all taken out from deep within the carpet fabrics. There certainly was no sign that this was area of the carpet bore communal mess.


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