Boardroom office carpet cleaning in Sloane Square, London SW3

Boardroom office carpet cleaning in Sloane Square, London SW3

Customer Location:

Sloane Square, Central London, SW3

The Challenge:

Meeting to discuss the needs of an organization is critical to the functioning of a business. And so, it is expected that the carpet in the board room of a thriving organization must endure constant traffic. It is also important that the environment is clean and inviting to provide productive stimulus and encourage the morale of its hard-working users.

So, traffic stains on the carpet in the board room of this noble enterprise was understandable.  However, the unsightly foot marks of productive men and women on the carpet need not remain as a constant reminder of the hard work that is put in.

office carpet cleaning

The Solution:    

The carpet cleaners from Home Maid Clean responded to this cleaning case with our usual methodical approach,  requiring that a 9-step carpet cleaning process is strictly followed.

The carpet was dusted and deeply vacuumed using professional vacuum cleaners to remove excess dirt trapped in its fibres.  The office carpet cleaning process then continued with soaking and pre-treating of heavily-stained areas with our very effective eco cleaners. The cleaning was then completed with thorough steam cleaning of the entire carpet, so any dirt, dust and bacteria could be efficiently extracted, even from deep within the carpet. A final inspection check verified that all steps in our carpet cleaning process had been followed and even the tiniest and hidden spots of the carpet had been cleaned.

The Result:

office carpet cleaning

The boardroom carpet that once displayed the stomping tracks and beaten fibres of hardworking corporate folks was thoroughly cleaned!

All dirt was removed, and the carpet no longer showed signs of being over trodden, worn in parts and dusty.

The colour was revived, and it looked a lot fresher and more inviting.  Not to mention – it was smelling fresh and deodorized from the professional clean that it got.

Check out our carpet cleaning service and see the testimonials of many happy customers who had their carpets cleaned by Home Maid Clean. We clean everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice, at no extra cost.

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