Carpet Cleaning Equipment upgrade: Mytee Speedster 1003DX Deluxe Heated Carpet Extractor

Carpet Cleaning Equipment upgrade: Mytee Speedster 1003DX Deluxe Heated Carpet Extractor

We at Home Maid Clean are aware that to remain a successful cleaning business, we need to ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers. Because, there is no profit to be made and no growth without customers. Being a company in the service industry, it is exactly customers who help us grow and become better, and it is thanks to customers that we get a lot of our new accounts through references.

That is why our approach to cleaning ensures that the customer is always satisfied; expectations exceeded, even!

Staying relevant with technology and cleaning products, keeping efficiency at an admirable high and being consistently good at what we do is a part of how we keep our customers happy. To be consistently good at what we do – efficient, effective and available – we need the best of cleaning tools to help us keep the standard, and even raise it.

So, true to our determination to offer consistent high quality cleaning service and constantly improve it, we got the Mytee Speedster 1003DX Deluxe Heated Carpet Extractor.

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Value added to our carpet cleaning process has been impressively improved with this piece of carpet cleaning equipment!  The efficacy this machine has added to the process of cleaning a carpet not only gives the customer more value, but it also improves the speed at which carpet cleaning technicians can complete a job. Needless to say, this is much appreciated by busy customers and large families who are seeking to return the cleanliness of their homes within the shortest possible time.

A huge portion of the burden of carpet cleaning has been alleviated by this top of the line machine that takes all the worries out of carpet cleaning. Its inline heater affords the cleaner instant hot water, removing the delay of waiting to heat water.  Not to mention the remarkable suction that speeds up carpet drying by quickly and effectively removing excess water.

Hot water hose that disconnects quickly and has thermal insulators takes the risk of injury from burns out of the job, and enhances the speed of the carpet cleaning process even more.

Thanks to a carpet cleaning equipment that does everything it promises, the carpet cleaning service delivered by Home Made Clean will be even more pristine!

Book your carpet cleaning slot and enjoy an even higher quality cleaning service, delivered by the same smiling and punctual Home Maid Clean professionals! We clean everywhere in London. Rush cleaning comes at no extra cost!

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