Pre-tenancy cleaning in a house in Wimbledon

Pre-tenancy cleaning in a house in Wimbledon

Customer Location:

Wimbledon, Southwest London, SW19

The Challenge:

Moving into a new environment with your family and finding that your new home is not clean and hygienically welcoming can be a little bit upsetting, especially when small children are considered.

Then, working out just how to get that place clean and comfortable when you are already there to move in is a separate challenge all in itself!

Our customer was there in Wimbledon to move in to a flat that the agency, somehow, neglected to clean.  The good news was, the customer was already familiar with the quality of Home Maid Clean pre-tenancy cleaning service and knew we would respond to even shortest notice cleaning requests. So – he picked up the phone and had us take responsibility for this clean-up.

pre-tenancy cleaning

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean’s cleaning technicians visited the customer’s flat, located in Wimbledon, Southwest London to make it sparkling clean and welcoming for this family with kids.

Furniture was moved around in the flat to ensure that every corner was properly dusted and vacuumed.  The flat was cleaned thoroughly, including the carpet, fridge and oven, to give our customer a friendly and homely environment to move into. To make sure nothing had been omitted, our strict and thorough tenancy cleaning checklist had been followed.

Home Maid Clean’s well trained technicians were sure to clean every area of the flat with friendly eco detergents and powerful professional steam cleaning equipment.

The Result:

pre-tenancy cleaning

Home Maid provided a clean, fresh, dust free and odour-free environment for our customer to move into – a perfectly clean environment to call home.

Not only was the flat clean and fresh, but it was free of allergens and hidden bacteria that can cause big health problems for the family’s 3 small children, thanks to our signature cleaning techniques that go below the surface to remove hidden debris.

Check out our pre-tenancy / post-tenancy cleaning service and call us to arrange a cleaning for your home or office. Read also many more tenancy cleaning customer success stories »

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