Urgent mattress Airbnb cleaning in Arena Tower, Canary Wharf E14

Urgent mattress Airbnb cleaning in Arena Tower, Canary Wharf E14


Arena Tower, Canary Wharf, London E14

The Challenge

We recently had an emergency cleaning request where a a flat successfully rented out on Airbnb basis got a urine stain on one of the mattresses. Cleanliness is extremely important for Airbnb rentals and may badly affect customer ratings. Being completely aware of that, our customer needed an urgent and efficient response to this unpleasant and unexpected mattress Airbnb cleaning situation. Moreover, the next guest was coming soon and the mattress needed not only an urgent and complete cleaning, but prompt drying up after the cleaning as well.

A few cleaning companies had already refused this Airbnb cleaning job because of the tight deadline for the cleaning. However, at Home Maid Clean, we are always ready to deal with emergencies. We always have extra technicians available for emergency cleanings and – our cleaning reviews on FreeIndex and the multiple customer testimonials speak enough of the quality of our cleaning services, even within close to impossible cleaning windows.

mattress airbnb cleaning

 The Solution

Our mattress cleaning technicians immediately reached the flat after the client’s call. They first pre-treated the stain, then used professional mattress cleaning detergents to completely remove the stain and disinfect the entire mattress. Thanks to our professional steam cleaning equipment, we made sure any liquid trapped deep inside the mattress had been taken out, along with any odours caused by that. In addition, we extracted any dust and bacteria that might have been captured deep into the mattress.

Thanks to extensive expertise, training and experience, Home Maid Clean mattress cleaning technicians made sure that everything was looking and smelling clean and fresh, both on the outside and the inside!

The Result

mattress airbnb cleaning

Mattress cleaning can be complex, depending on the type of liquid trapped and how long it has been staying inside. However, thanks to the prompt reach out of our customer and quick reaction by Home Maid Clean mattress cleaning technicians, we handled this cleaning situation with excellent end result, within the tight deadline in between the Airbnb guests. Just within a few hours after the client reached us, we were able to send a cleaning technician, solve the problem, and have the flat ready to welcome its new guests! Our customer has since subscribed for regular Airbnb cleaning with Home Maid Clean, for all his Airbnb-rented apartments.

Should you have a cleaning emergency need a cleaning service performed within short notice – you can count on us.

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