Mattress steam cleaning to remove stains, soils and odours from a mattress in Barbican, The City of London, EC2Y

Customer Location:

Barbican, The City of London, EC2Y

The Challenge:

Renting up your property to a new tenant requires a good cleanup after the previous one.  The landlord wants to ensure that the new tenant steps into a perfectly clean property, to avoid negative feedback and loss of business.

So, when our client called us to do mattress steam cleaning for his new tenant, we were there to offer our service, fully equipped with professional mattress steam cleaning equipment and detergents. We responded within very short notice, as usual.

Only, this time the stains found on the mattress were not just simple sweat and dust, there was also blood, which is not so easy to clean from textile material. But, we had no intentions to disappoint our client.

mattress steam cleaning


The Solution:

Our technicians assessed the mattress for the extent of the stains.  The appropriate eco detergents were applied to pre-soak the heavily stained areas and then, mattress steam cleaning was used to ensure complete cleanup of the mattress and removal of all its soils, stains and odours.

With our methodical approach, no area of the mattress was left uncleaned; neither was any hard to notice stain, because our cleaning technicians are trained to detect stains that aren’t otherwise obvious and clean them.

The Result:

mattress steam cleaning



In the end, thanks to the efficient mattress steam cleaning we did, using professional steam equipment and quality cleaning products,  our customer was left with a clean, stain-free mattress. Not only were the stains removed, but our steam cleaning removed all dust particles and allergens caught in the mattress that might trigger sickness in the people using it.

This landlord now has a clean, fresh, stain-free and odour-free mattress for his new tenant to enjoy!

Check out our steam mattress steam cleaning service and have us clean your mattresses too.  Home Maid Clean mattress cleaning is delivered everywhere in London within the M25. We clean at short notice at no extra cost.


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