Mattress steam cleaning in Holland Park, London W8

Mattress steam cleaning in Holland Park, London W8

Customer Location:

Holland Park, West London, W8

The Challenge:

Maintaining a clean mattress with children in your home can be somewhat of a challenge.  Their little minds are totally clueless to the how’s and why’s of trying to preserve a mattress, and their little bodies are just as helpless in trying to prevent sweating and urine from getting unto the mattress.

As a result the mattresses used by the young ones often get soiled and stained repeatedly and easily.  The problem with that is that mattresses tend to absorb liquid into its fluffy interior that was designed for comfortable sleep; and that liquid, especially from body fluids, remains in there to cause unpleasant odours later on.

After a short while, a stained and soiled mattress will start causing discomfort. And it takes expertise and diligence to clean those stains and restore the mattress’s integrity.

This is why our customer in Holland Park called us at Home Maid Clean to book mattress steam clean for the mattress used by their 5 year old son.

mattress steam clean London

The Solution:

Our highly trained and very experienced mattress cleaning technicians went to the dwelling to assess the mattress to see exactly the extent of the soiling so that they could determine what cleaning technique was going to be most effective.

Our eco-friendly cleaning detergents were then applied to remove stains and soils on the surface. Thanks to our powerful professional mattress steam clean equipment we were able to get rid of odours caused by sweat and urine that had gotten below the surface of the mattress.

The Result:

mattress steam clean London

With our powerful equipment, effective detergents and the skills of our cleaners the urine and sweat stains and soils were completely removed from the mattress.

Home Maid Clean technicians left a fully cleaned mattress with restored freshness and colour.  Our products and equipment cleaned out all pollutants that could trigger allergies and cause odours and replaced that with freshness.

Check out our mattress cleaning service and call us to restore the cleanliness and comfort of your own mattresses, too! We clean everywhere in London within the M25 and take on urgent bookings at no extra cost.

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