Lipstick stain removal from ottoman in South Woodford, North East London E18

Customer Location:

South Woodford, North East London E18

The Challenge:

Stains seem to always land on the most visible places of our brightest and most-beloved upholstered furniture. And in this customer case, it was red lipstick stain, right in the middle of a beautiful white and black upholstered ottoman.

The thought of cleaning luscious lip colours from furniture can be perplexing.  Without proper lipstick stain removal strategy and effective cleaning products to remove the ingredients of the lipstick, one could easily end up permanently smearing the textile of the furniture rather than ridding it of the stain.

But such are the challenges of life with children.  Lipstick could get into adventurous little hands being managed by an innocent, creative mind and get used for drawing on ..upholstery!

lipstick stain removal

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean does have a solution for any kind of stains, including stubborn lipstick stains. Depending on the nature of the stain and type of fabric we select the most appropriate and efficient professional cleaning products and apply our expert cleaning technique. The cleaning of our customer’s ottoman was safe in our hands thanks to our lipstick stain removal method.

With experience and training, our cleaners were able assess the ottoman and determine an appropriate and effective eco detergent that would remove the lipstick stains without having to over scrub the material or risk colour fading, scoffing, ripping or tearing.

The Result:

lipstick stain removal ottoman after

The lipstick stains on the customer’s ottoman were completely removed, without any compromise to the piece. Our highly trained technicians and efficient eco detergents did a master job again.

Whether it’s a big or small cleaning job, whether it seems simple or too complicated and overwhelming, Home Maid Clean will effectively take care of it. Check out our cleaning services and refer to our monthly Special offers for special discounts and package pricing.

We clean everywhere in London within the M25 and will clean at short notice, at no extra cost.

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