Ink stain carpet cleaning in Bloomsbury, London WC1B

Ink stain carpet cleaning in Bloomsbury, London WC1B

Customer Location:

Bloomsbury, Central London, WC1B

The Challenge:

An office is certainly not the place where ghastly stains are welcomed (well, stains are never welcomed anywhere!), but things happen! Slips and fumbles, printers and cartridges… and the next thing that happens is that ink finds itself on the office carpet!

But how does one clean printer ink stain from carpets?  After all, it is ink, and ink stains don’t budge easily! This was the concern of our customer in Bloomsbury who called us at Home Maid Clean for our expert ink stain carpet cleaning help to return the clean and welcoming state of the office carpet.

ink stain carpet cleaning

The Solution:

Whether in the home or in the office, Home Maid Clean‘s carpet cleaning professionals and their carpet cleaning expertise covers all types and magnitude of office cleaning and domestic cleaning needs!

Our carpet cleaning technicians brought their skills and extensive carpet cleaning and stain removal training to this location. They were primed with information and products to effectively remove the stain, despite its complexity.

The ink stain was pre-treated with powerful professional carpet stain removal detergents which we were sure would lift even stubborn ink stains! Then, professional steam carpet cleaning equipment was used to extract the stain from the textile, along with any dirt and dust captured deep into this office carpet. Any residue from the carpet cleaning detergents used was also removed.

The Result:

ink stain carpet cleaning

The carpet was cleaned to perfection and the ink stains were completely removed! There was no need for our customer to consider replacing the office carpet or dealing with an unsightly stain for longer than necessary.

The carpet cleaning was done without leaving any excess water to cause floor damage or deterioration of the carpet from underneath. Ink stains were cleaned out, dust and dirt was cleaned from the carpet and the water from the cleaning was neatly extracted.

Thanks to our prompt reaction to this carpet cleaning situation, the ink captured into the carpet textile did not generate any unpleasant odours or damage to the material. The office carpet was restored to its clean and fresh state and we had, once again, a thankful customer, happy to recommend our carpet cleaning services to others.

Check out our steam carpet cleaning service and call us to book a cleaning slot. We will clean heavy stains and carpets of any size.

We clean carpets everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no extra charge!

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