Coffee and ink stains removal from carpet in Mayfair, London, W1K

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Mayfair, Central London, W1K

The Challenge

Light-coloured carpets are definitely a great choice for modern homes. But, disadvantage is – any stain on those becomes visible straight away! This is especially valid for coffee spills, leaving a solid, thick stain after them. Which is more – the spilled coffee liquid can be absorbed by the carpet, causing heavy odours and destroying the carpet from beneath.

At Home Maid Clean we know the struggles, and that is why carpet cleaning, London is our job! We provide carpet cleaning anywhere in Greater London, and Mayfair is no exception.  We quickly sent our carpet cleaning team to the client’s 2-bedroom maisonette for an urgent coffee stain treatment and removal.

coffee stains


The Solution

Our well-trained and certified carpet cleaning technician started the cleaning with the usual pre-inspection – the first step in our 9-step cleaning process. During this initial examination of the carpet material and stains he also identified, in addition to the coffee stains, felt-tip pen marks on the carpet – there surely was a child who loved to draw in this household :)

The technician assessed the different stains identified, did pre-treating, where necessary, and applied a number of efficient cleaning techniques to get rid of the different stains based on the specifics of those and the products and processes that were needed to properly treat each stain.

Following our 9-step cleaning process, not only did we treat and get rid of coffee stains and the liquid that may have been in the carpet, but we also completely removed the ink stains discovered. All in one go!


coffee stains


The light-coloured carpet in this maisonette in Mayfair was fully restored to its original, clean and odour-free state – no more coffee and pen stains. Our steam cleaning process also removed any dust, bacteria and germs that might have been residing deep inside this carpet. The carpet was again a safe playground for the kids in this household!

Home Maid Clean cleaning team can get your carpets, sofas, mattresses and upholstery cleaned from any kinds of stains – get in touch with us!

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