How we clean your home


Home Maid Clean at the very core of its business remains a family run business that holds values in close ties with its services. We move beyond professional cleaning and remain dedicated to delivering a service that offers our clients a flawless and sparkling living experience.

Part of this delivery is achieved with the intensive training programs that our teams undergo. Professionally trained and certified by Prochem, each team ensures that when they undertake a service, they represent their best foot forward and arrive at the location with the most suitable cleaning equipment and an extensive strategy to approach the service— with equipment that master every hidden corner and rid the property off dirt that may have accumulated with time.

The teams at Home Maid Clean are trained not simply to do the best job, however to do it with some zest and passion. When Home Maid Clean arrives at your doorstep, it is more just professional cleaners that do. It is our conscious effort to make our clients feel completely at ease with those who take to cleaning their houses. With the kindest approach to the sentiments that wrap your household, office or event venue, our staff conduct the cleaning procedures with utmost responsibility— ensuring all valuables and objects that are placed in the property at the time of taking over are all retained in the exact place as you left them—causing very little disturbance to you daily mutterings. Our service teams have perhaps the most cautious vision. Their knack for cleaning is constantly tested with their expertise in detailed cleaning. We assure that objects in the house will be moved to guarantee an all rounded and holistic cleaning experience. However, if you are worried about any important belongings getting misplaced on your property when our cleaners arrive for the service, you shouldn’t be. With Home Maid Clean, it is a redundant affair. With utmost consideration of your personal space, our teams find their way around the house– causing very little inconvenience to you and your family. 

TExclusively crafted services, like the Spot and Stain Removal System, Deodorizing, Spray and Deep Cleaning and offering a Scotchgard protection option after cleaning, are some among the myriad cleaning services that are part of the Home Maid Clean team’s Cleaning Deliverables.

We continue to maintain ourselves to be a different company—held our heritage, experience and expertise as the backbone of a service. This is what sets us apart. When Home Maid Clean ventures out at your request, it arrives with the committed aim of delivering our clients a taste of pristine clean, comfortable urban living.

We don’t simply clean with technique, we clean with passion.

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