How often should you clean your home?

Cleaning your home is annoying but necessary task. It is important not only because when the home is cleaned you feel more comfortable and it is a pleasure to spend your time at home, but is also necessary for a healthy life. Here arises the main question: How often should you clean your home? We will try to the answer to this question in this article.

How often to clean a room depends on several factors. First, we must take into account what is the purpose of the room – whether it’s a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Another important thing to be considered is the frequency of use of the room.

Let’s start the cleaning from the bedrooms and living room. To give your bedroom a clean and tidy appearance, always make your bed and straightened the sheets so as to leave no wrinkles on it. Keep your living room tidy by organizing the mess and often wipe all fingerprints left on bare surfaces. Once a week remove the dust from the furniture, wipe mirrors and vacuum the floors. This is pretty enough for these rooms to look clean and tidy.

Cleaning kitchen and bathroom takes double efforts as they get dirty very quickly.

kitchen cleaning

                                                     Cleaning the kitchen

A kitchen is a room for preparing food and cooking and that is why it the most used room at home.  How often to clean the kitchen depends on how much time you spend there. A good idea is to clear it each time after cooking and eating. Start with cleaning by spraying the worktop and the appliances that were used for the cooking with kitchen spray to get rid of stains, sticky residue from food or spills of liquids.  It will be much easier to wash the dishes immediately after use. This will protect your sink from being overwhelmed with dirty dishes. If you have a dishwasher just remove any food left and put the cutlery and crockery inside.

Sweep the kitchen floor at the end.

The rest of the household chores can be left for the weekend. That would include cleaning of spilled liquids on the doors of cabinets and furniture, vacuuming and mopping the floors. To make sure that you clean each area in the kitchen you should start cleaning you choose a starting point (for example the stove) and work from top to bottom and from left to right. Thus you will be sure you will not miss a spot.

Any spill on the stove or in the fridge should be wiped up immediately with a mild detergent mixed with hot water. Regularly check the food in the fridge and if you find any spoiled food or that smells bad throw it out. If you frequently use the stove you should clean it thoroughly every 2-3 weeks. Be sure to ventilate the kitchen when cleaning the stove.

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