House spring cleaning and carpet steam cleaning in Russell Square, London WC1

House spring cleaning and carpet steam cleaning in Russell Square, London WC1

The Cleaning case: 

House spring cleaning and steam carpet cleaning in Russell Square, London WC1

The Challenge:

One of the greatest embarrassing moments is having guests over in a house that is not entirely clean or prepared to accommodate guests.

Being conscious of our environment, as many of us are, we get edgy – constantly but silently lamenting the unclean state of affairs and the judgments (whether real or imagined) about others’ impression of our inability to clean and manage our household.

How unfortunate it would be if our guests happen to have allergic reactions to dust, mould or other forms of pollutants in our environment!

Our customer did not want any such incident involving unfortunate reactions to dirt, physically or mentally. They wanted their guests to be comfortable and happy and leave with a clean impression of their host’s housekeeping abilities. Hence, they turned to Home Maid Clean professional spring cleaning and carpet cleaning teams to get their house perfectly ready to meet guests.

house spring cleaning

The Solution:

The customer’s house was a big one, so Home Maid Clean sent a team of professional cleaners to accomplish the job. To meet the deadline  for completing the spring cleaning job, the team distributed all domestic cleaning tasks, as listed in our professional domestic cleaning checklist.

There was no area that was left untouched by our skillful cleaners and effective eco detergents and equipment.  The house was dusted and then deeply vacuumed using powerful professional vacuum cleaners. The limescale in bathrooms was removed. The kitchen, including kitchen cupboards and utensils, was fully degreased and deeply cleaned. Using professional steam carpet cleaning equipment and effective carpet cleaning detergents, the stains and soiling on rugs and carpets and even on drapery was cleaned!

There was no chance of guests randomly admiring furniture or accessories, touching a window sill and encountering dust or dirt.

The Result:

house spring cleaning

house spring cleaning

Our spring cleaners and carpet cleaners cleaned every single corner in this huge house to perfection – from top to bottom. Thanks to powerful professional cleaning equipment, no dust, dirt or staining had been left – neither on the furniture, nor on the carpets. The bathrooms and kitchen were sparkling clean and welcoming. The house was left smelling fresh as ever!

Check out our spring cleaning and carpet cleaning service and call us to book a clean for your home! Check out also our customer recommendations – they speak well of the quality of domestic cleaning services we provide!

We clean everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no extra charge!

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