Hallway carpet cleaning in Baker Street, London W1U

Hallway carpet cleaning in Baker Street, London W1U

Customer Case:

Hallway carpet cleaning in Baker Street, London W1U

The challenge:

A dirty carpet sends a strong message.  It could easily be a strong deterrent to valued friends who refuse to be visitors because of the unsightly and uncomfortable atmosphere that a dirty carpet can create. Discoloration is just one aspect to the downside of a dirty carpet.

Dust and dirt caught in the fibres of a carpet, especially a well used carpet, will not be obvious but the effects are very telling. Dirt in carpet could be causing people in the environment to experience allergic reactions.  Added to the awful appearance it gives and the injustice to the aesthetics and homeliness of a house when a carpet is not cleaned, it could also be causing family and friends to get sick.

Our customer in Baker street had a hallway carpet that had become dirty from traffic, with stains from spillages of wine and coffee. They also wanted to avoid allergic reactions following dust and mites captured in the carpet fibres and so they called Home Maid Clean carpet cleaning team to book hallway carpet cleaning for their apartment.

hallway carpet cleaning

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean has a signature 9-step carpet cleaning strategy.  We know that stains and soils seen on the surface of carpets are simply just the surface of the dirt that needs to be cleaned. As a first step in our 9-step carpet cleaning process we always carefully assess the nature and extent of the stains and soiling, to determine the best cleaning approach appropriate for the stain and carpet type.

Our technicians then applied the most appropriate hand and steam cleaning techniques to ensure that the stains and discoloration on the surface of the carpet were removed, but also to ensure that hidden dust and dirt were removed with proper vacuuming, sweeping and steam cleaning. They also ensured that any leftover moisture (including moisture from cleaning) was removed from deep within the fibres of the carpet.

A final inspection done on the carpet verified that all our carpet cleaning procedures had been carefully carried out, and no leftover staining had remained, even on those edges most difficult to reach.

The Result:

hallway carpet cleaning

This hallway carpet cleaning was done following all Home Maid Clean carpet cleaning standards and procedures. The carpet was cleaned to a fresh and refreshing, revived appearance! No dust, dirt and staining had remained, even deep into the carpet fibers. The bad smell that had started to show up, following the capture of spillages into the carpet, was eliminated and the carpet was smelling of nothing but cleanliness and freshness.

The hallway was returned to a nice and clean space that is welcoming to the eyes.

Check out our carpet cleaning service and call us to book a clean for you. We clean carpets and rugs of any size and type, including Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian and Oriental carpets.

We clean rugs and carpets everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice for emergency cleaning needs, at no extra cost!

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