Grey sofa cleaning service in Knightsbridge, Central London, SW1X

Customer Location:

Knightsbridge, Central London, SW1X

The Challenge:

Having a grey sofa as a part of your decor can add such a pleasant and sophisticated hue to the colour scheme of your sitting area.  But all that loveliness can change ever so extremely when it starts to show the need to be cleaned! 

We were contacted by a happy owner of such sofa in Knightsbridge who disclosed the reason for the needed sofa cleanup – his adorable cat :) We do love our fuzzy friends, but the healthy distribution of hair along with stains they leave on upholstered furniture does take away from the grandeur and pleasantness of that piece.

So, Home Maid Clean was called in and entrusted with the job to professionally restore the perfect cleanliness of the customer sofa. Considering the light grey colour, this was quite a job!

grey sofa cleaning service


The Solution:

Our methodical approach was put into full effect for this sofa cleaning service too!  This included dusting and vacuuming to remove dust particles and pet hair before adding detergents and moisture for any stain removal.

The delicate colour of the sofa was assessed for areas that had excessive staining so that the requisite pre-soaking could be done.  Our technician was mindful of excessive scrubbing that could leave some areas looking scoffed and uneven in tone.

The Result:

grey sofa cleaning service

Home Maid Clean’s technician successfully cleaned and restored the grey sofa to its former loveliness.  It was left thoroughly clean – free of pet hairs, soils and stains and absolutely fresh!

Our technician even applied Scotchgard™ protection at the end of the sofa cleaning to protect the sofa from stains and spillage, and to make it easier to clean next time. Home Maid Clean recommends cleaning sofas twice per year, to ensure a healthy living environment for you and your family.

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