Flooded carpet cleaning in Wimbledon, SW19

Flooded carpet cleaning in Wimbledon, SW19

Customer Location:

Wimbledon, South-west London, SW19

The Challenge:

Most of us have experienced water leaks and know how damaging those can be – to household furniture and property, as well as to the health of the property inhabitants. Water leak could mean a mass house cleaning!

Consider the implications of water soaked carpets, wooden floors and furniture. Without urgent attention to get rid of that water as soon as possible, the effect of leakage could be disastrous – requiring repair and replacement of water-damaged furniture and household items.

So, when the neighbour upstairs has a plumbing or leaking pipe problem, your best choice would be to let a professional cleaning agency save you the cost of water damage.

flooded carpet cleaning Wimbledon

The Solution:

Our carpet cleaning technicians were dispatched to this customer’s flat in Wimbledon to do an urgent clean out of water that was all over the flat. Flooded carpet cleaning requires prompt action and we summoned up an emergency cleaning team to handle this carpet cleaning case.

We have cleaning solutions for all situations, including water or flooding.  So, with our professional and powerful water extraction equipment, we were able to suck the excess water out from all carpeted areas.  The aim was to save our customer’s wooden flooring from being saturated with water and damaged. We also had to save the carpet and other household items from damage following water soaking.

The Result:

flooded carpet cleaning Wimbledon

Before long, the flat was nice and dry again! Home Maid Clean’s carpet cleaning technicians not only did a successful clean-out of the water from the flat, but with our signature cleaning approach, all areas of the flat where water was, and could have caused serious damage, were dried out and any compromise was averted.

This flooded carpet cleaning case could have incurred serious damage and costs to our customer. But, prompt reaction, appropriate cleaning equipment and the right cleaning approach helped prevent all potential negative consequences.

Check out our carpet cleaning services and get in touch with us should a carpet cleaning situation occur! We are available across London and respond promptly to any cleaning emergency.

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