Fabric sofa steam cleaning in Covent Garden, London WC2E

Fabric sofa steam cleaning in Covent Garden, London WC2E

Customer Case:

Sofa steam cleaning in Covent Garden, London WC2E

The Challenge:

A well used textile sofa is a challenge – to keep clean, that is. The sofa textile material is very accommodating of dust and moisture – a combination that is not a good sign of cleanliness and good housekeeping habits to guests. Dust and moisture get easily trapped into the sofa fabric, especially after a wet and wintery season. The effects can be quite musty; not exactly clean and fresh and enjoyable.

But keeping a textile sofa clean can be pretty taxing. Keeping up a schedule of sofa cleaning is, in itself, a major challenge. Then, there is the knowledge of how to clean it without destroying it or leaving moisture in it to create a cheesy house effect, totally defeating the point of trying to clean it in the first place.

fabric sofa steam cleaning

The Solution:

Getting a professional sofa cleaner who has the skill and knowledge to do the job is always a good option. Our customer in Covent Garden decided to resolve keeping his sofa clean by having Home Maid Clean sofa cleaners do the job for him. The option chosen by our customer to ensure his sofa is always dust-free, bacteria-free and allergen-free was to keep a 6 month schedule for the sofa cleaning team at Home Maid Clean to steam clean his sofa. On schedule, we present at our customer’s place to steam clean his sofa following our strict 7-step sofa cleaning process.

This sofa was a favorite seating area in the customer’s room and hence it got frequently stained. After drying up, the sofa stains were quite visible on the single-colour textile.

Having assessed the sofa fabrics and material during our first cleaning, our sofa cleaning technicians approached the regular cleanings by evaluating the staining on the sofa fabrics. Then, they pre-treated the stains with sofa cleaning detergents appropriate for the fabrics and colours of this seating furniture. As a next step, steam cleaning with professional steam cleaning equipment ensured that no dust, dirt and allergens had remained in the sofa. Steam cleaning also took out even the tiniest particles of sofa cleaning detergent.

The Result:

fabric sofa steam cleaning

After every steam clean our customer’s sofa was once again perfectly clean and dirt-free, even in its most hidden and difficult to access areas. Bad smells caused by spilled liquids trapped into the sofa fabrics were gone. All cleanings were done without damaging the floor and its coverings, using only eco cleaning detergents, safe for kids, pets and allergic people.

Thanks to the regular sofa steam cleaning our customer made sure this comfortable piece of furniture got rid of dust and moisture that could cause mustiness, discolouration, odours and allergies.

We are ready to handle even the most challenging sofa cleaning jobs – on a one-off or subscription basis. Check out our sofa cleaning and upholstery cleaning services and call us to book a clean for you. Take a look at our Special Cleaning Offers as well – a discount might be waiting for you. Our sofa cleaning service is available anywhere in London.

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